How can I rent studio space?

Click on the “Rentals” tab on our home page.  There you will find prices and contracts.  If you have questions, contact us at or call us at 614-784-8488.

Where is your list/schedule of classes?

There is a full list of our class and workshop schedules under the “Classes” tab.   There you will find a description of our classes as well as a hot link to our calendar listing days/times of classes and workshops.

What parking availability do you have?

We have free and ample parking available in back of our building, including handicapped parking.

How can I find out if classes have been cancelled/rescheduled?

Contact the individual instructor prior to attending a class for the first time (instructor contact information is listed under our “Instructor” tab on our home page).  For classes you regularly attend, your instructor will provide information on dates he/she will not be teaching.

What memberships/prices/packages do you offer?

We offer a participant membership for only $30 per year, and a professional membership for only $50 per year.  Members receive a quarterly newsletter, discounts on classes, and 20% discount on space rental.   Class passes are purchased directly from the individual instructor.  If you contact the instructor, he/she can provide information on pricing.  You do not need to be a member to attend classes, but class prices are discounted for members.

This is my first time taking a yoga class, any advice?

Check the level of the class you plan to attend.  You will want to attend a class marked “Beginner” or “Mixed Level.”  Be sure to tell the instructor your experience level.  Our highly trained instructors are skilled at offering modifications for beginners or those with restrictions or medical conditions.  You don’t need to bring a mat or props, we provide those at no extra charge.  Wear loose fitting clothing you can move in.

Refund policy

You may make up two classes missed during a session at no additional charge.  These may be made up with the same instructor on another day/time or with any other instructor at the Center for Wholeness.

What teachers/instructors do you have?

We have a full staff of highly trained and experienced instructors with a variety of backgrounds and styles.  Go to our “Instructor” tab on our home page to read about their backgrounds.

How do I sign up?

Contact the instructor directly for the class you are interested in attending.  Instructor contact information is available under the “Instructor” tab on our home page.