Janice George, E-RYT500, PYT, Director of ShivaShakti Synthesis

janjanyoga52@gmail.com, 614.262.6634

Janice George is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-E) and Yoga Therapist, who has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. She is the originator of ShivaShakti Synthesis, a whole body approach to yoga. Her approach allows each layer of the body, the physical, mental/emotional and the spiritual bodies to be deeply stretched and strengthened. Her major influences include Kripalu, Integrative Yoga Therapy, Doug Keller, Richard Miller, Iyengar and Ayurvedic medicine. She offers yoga classes, individual yoga therapy sessions, and Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings.

For more information please contact Janice through www.shivashaktisynthesis.com. She is also one of the original founders of the Center for Wholeness and currently serves as the Vice-Chair.

Michelle Butler, RYT 200 and Yoga Alliance Certified

michelleleak1@gmail.com 317.306.9296

Michelle Butler is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor through Cityoga School of Yoga and Health 200 hour teacher training under the loving guidance of Marsha Pappas, Nikki Myers, and Dave Sims. She began her consistent yoga practice in 2014 when she needed physical relief when training for her first marathon. Michelle loves connecting with people through yoga and offering a safe, comfortable environment for her students to connect to their bodies, find some relief and self-love. Her classes are geared towards stress relief and restoration. She currently teaches classes throughout Columbus and is currently working on completing her Master's in Social Work at The Ohio State University. Michelle is pleased to be a part of the community of teachers and practitioners at the Center for Wholeness and is always accepting new students.

Sydney Poole Funk, RYT 200, LMT

Sydney@JoyfulLotusYoga.com  614.398.0890

Committed to providing a safe and compassionate yoga experience, Sydney brings a fun and welcoming style to her teaching. Sydney is a Yoga Alliance RYT200 and Licensed Massage Therapist. She graduated from the 200 hour Samyoga Institute Teacher Training program in 2015.  She began her relationship with yoga in 2003, initially seeking healing from a back injury. She soon found that her yoga practice deeply enriched her life, leaving her calm and centered on and off the mat.

Racquel Graham, Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor

rgraha4@columbus.rr.com 614.268.2925

A yoga student since 1975, Racquel Miller Graham has been teaching for over twenty years, as a movement therapist and yoga instructor. She is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor, studying regularly with the Iyengars in India, with a B.S. in Physical Education and Dance and an M.S. in Sport Psychology. Developed over the past fifty years, by Sri B.K.S. Iyengar, this method of yoga emphasizes precision of alignment in the poses to nurture muscular and postural balance. Particularly unique to the Iyengar method is the use of props (walls, blocks, chairs, etc.) and individualized adjustments to facilitate healthy alignment and movement in postures. Iyengar yoga is spiritual practice in physical form, and the absolute attention to precision and alignment give great depth, taking practitioner from the physical body to deeper levels of being. Alignment or "right action" learned in the body expands to alignment of "right action" in how we live (through practice of the yamas and niyamas) and finally align with our true nature.

Megan Grunewald, RYT 200


Megan Grunewald became a RYT200 with Yoga Teacher Training with Laurel Hodory and Faculty in 2015. She came to yoga as a way to cultivate a deeper awareness of her own body. She has studied other movement arts since 2006 including hula hoop dance, poi, hip hop, jazz, and modern dance, and her experience with yoga encouraged her to pursue it as a way to incorporate healthy functioning and use of her body into her life as a movement artist. Megan is passionate about nurturing healthy bodies as well as a healthy planet. It was this passion that inspired her to complete a sustainable agriculture internship with The Green String Institute in 2012, an experience that strengthened both her spiritual and visceral relationship to the natural world. Megan practices mindfulness of the present moment, leading her to appreciate her own strengths and limitations. Megan has been teaching Slow Flow with the Center for Wholeness since July 2015. Her classes range from more powerful vinyasa and core-focused to gentler and restorative, and vary depending on the needs of the students in attendance. Megan encourages her students to use props wherever possible and offers hands-on assistance to help students find more ease and comfort in their bodies.

Mary Beth Holt


Mary Beth Holt, MSW LISWS is a licensed independent social work supervisor with a Masters in social work from Ohio State University. She has been practicing yoga for ten years and completed her 200-hour training through ShivaShakti Synthesis yoga teacher-training program. Her classes create a safe, encouraging and laughter-filled space for students to relax and reconnect with their own unique voice and wisdom.

Beth Mallett, RYT 200, KRI and Yoga Alliance Certified

freshlite75@yahoo.com   614.596-6385

Beth Mallett is a RYT 200, for Kundalini and Hatha Yoga. She has been a devotee of yoga technology for over 14 years, studying Hatha, Astanga, Vinyasa, and Bikrams. Through abundant practices she always felt there was something missing.  After viewing her first DVD of Gurumukh and some Kundalini insight from Shakti Mih, her Hatha Teacher Trainer from Prana Yoga College, she knew that it was Kundalini that was missing. Beth has since fallen in love with Kundalini yoga and the meditation and transformational effects it has had on her life.  In turn she wants to share the empowering tool that it is, so that students may reap the positive benefits. Beth brings dedication of the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan with complete integrity. She believes that the class setting is a place to elevate the spirit and bring awareness and focus to the mind, body, and soul. Beth is pleased to be a part of the community of teachers and practitioners at the Center for Wholeness. She started teaching in Columbus in 2005 and is always accepting new students.

Julia McSheffery, E-RYT500

julia@liilaayoga.com   614-395-2900

Combining a strong understanding of the body’s structure and systems as well as offering extensive experience and skill in yoga and its therapeutic potential, Julia provides her students the opportunity to easily understand and incorporate yoga practices into their lives in a meaningful way. Originally interested in yoga as a means of recouping some of the flexibility she lost because of sport rock climbing, Julia quickly realized the benefits of yoga and its healing of injury and illness in her own life. Besides being educated in exercise science, Julia is also a certified yoga teacher and is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500 yoga therapy teacher (500-hour level, ShivaShakti Synthesis with Janice George) and as a teacher of vinyasa flow (200-hour level, White Lotus Foundation with Ganga White and Tracy Rich). Julia has also completed a 108-hour Anusara Yoga immersion (with Todd Norian and Ann Greene.) In addition to these certifications, Julia is thankful for her training with David Swenson, Shiva Rea, Donna Farhi, Amy Weintraub, Elise Browning Miller, Judith Lasater, and Tom Myers. Her experience includes teaching all levels of yoga in a variety of styles throughout the greater Columbus area. She currently teaches classes throughout the city in addition to partnering in both levels of ShivaShakti Synthesis teacher training. Julia is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Suzanne Roberts - Women Generating


Suzanne completed training at the Strozzi Institute, (The Center for Embodied Leadership and Mastery) and earned the title of Master Somatic Leadership Coach. She is a teaching assistant at Strozzi Institute.  Early in her career, Suzanne combined studies in pre-med, psychology, and dance/movement and earned a degree in Holistic Health. She is certified in the FEBI (Focus Energy Balance Indicator), an organizational and leadership assessment tool) and the Enneagram. Through Women Generating, Suzanne holds The Women’s Leadership Experience Training, which combines group learning with Somatic Coaching and the FEBI Leadership Assessment Tool.  For information on Suzanne's training programs, visit www.WomenGenerating.com.

Meg Scott, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Certified Zentangle Teacher

whatwisewomenwant@gmail.com  614-216-9371

Meg Scott trained with Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga in 2007. She has trained Laughter Yoga Leaders since 2008. She hosts a free laughter circle weekly during the winter months on Fort Myers Beach, Florida. In June 2015, she helped establish a free monthly Laughter Circle at Center For Wholeness that meets on the second Sunday each month at 7-8pm.  Meg has shared laughter therapy at corporate events, male and female prisons, senior facilities and presented a TEDx talk at the Marion Correctional Institution in 2013 that can be viewed on YouTube.  In 2012 she trained with Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts the creators of the Zentangle® drawing method. Meg holds a BFA with a teaching degree from Ohio University. For more information visit zentangle.com   In 2013, Meg co-founded “What Wise Women Want” workshops with Shawn Dominic, yoga teacher and massage therapist. For more information visit www.whatwisewomenwant.com or www.laughteryogawithmegscott.com.

Deborah Thomas Snode, RYT 500, RCYPT

Omisawesome@gmail.com 614-560-1144

The mission of Deborah Snode, by developing and teaching yoga programs, is to help children and adults achieve a more healthy and happy lifestyle that opens to success. She is a graduate of the 200 and 500 hr level of the Samyoga Institute division of Shiva Shakti Synthesis and is currently a mentor for the 200 hr level Teacher Training Program. She has also trained through the Radiant Child Yoga Program and has been teaching children and adults for over ten years.

Deb has had life-long interest and exploration in wellness. Always enjoying an active life through sports and recreation, she began using yoga to facilitate relief from joint and muscular pain and discomfort. Continued exploration led her to discover that yoga was a unification system for the whole person. Not only useful for improving the physical issues of the body, yoga brought more clarity into every aspect of living including focus, comprehension, diligence, patience, self-esteem, courage, and relationship with others. Now, having spent over a decade practicing and teaching yoga, she has found that the use of yoga methods facilitate an active life, feeling well and enjoying the diversified world.  

Vickie Starbuck, RYT 200, Yoga Alliance Certified, Level I IRest Certified

spirityogis@gmail.com   614.404.1273

Vickie Starbuck, RYT200, and Yoga Alliance Certified, is a 200 hour graduate of the ShivaShakti Synthesis Yoga Teacher Training program, and continues to study and train with Janice George in the newly named Samyoga tradition.   All levels are welcome to come to this gentle class, which emphasizes alignment, stretching, and deepening into poses.  In particular Vickie welcome's students who may not be quite so young any more and are interested in either returning to a yoga practice or are new to yoga.   She invites everyone to come explore the world of yoga in a friendly, warm, and fun atmosphere.  Drop-ins are always welcome, and the first SpiritYoga Class is always free.

Kasandra Zguta, RYT 500

kzguta@gmail.com  347-942-0409

I am an Iyengar inspired teacher as well as a continuous student and began teaching in 2010. My goal as a teacher is to help people find their way to a more mindful and peaceful self through the practice of yoga.  .