Supported Child's Pose

By Janice George

Contentment is something we can only find within ourselves. It is not external to our divine beings. Supported Child’s Pose (Supta Balasana or Garbhasana) takes us into that internal landscape and, it is hoped, into the bliss of contentment:

For this version of the posture you will need a bolster or a few folded blankets, and perhaps a block and/or a blanket to cover yourself with.

Begin as you would for child pose- seated on the heels with the toes pointing backwards and the heels close together. Spread the thighs and bring the bolster or blankets between the knees. Leave a couple inches between the bolster and the pubic bone for the belly to relax. Fold forward from the hips and rest quietly with your hips on your heels and the torso and head on the bolster. If this is uncomfortable for the knees then you may want to sit higher, on a block or small pillow. In this case you probably will need to use additional blankets or bolsters to bring the level of the props up to support the torso. If the buttocks does not touch the heels then add a support so buttocks can relax.

If the knees feel compressed try a folded washcloth or sock behind the kneecap. But if this does not work then please come out of the pose. Contentment will not be found in pain or injury. A final little trick is to pad under the ankles if they feel overstretched. Every part of your body should feel supported.

Cover yourself up to keep warm and to experience the deep contentment in completely letting go. Invite every part of your being to this deep exploration of remembering what it is like to not have to fix anything, be anywhere, or do any task but rather just to be in the moment. Within ourselves and within the moment is the only place we can find true contentment.